Miss Sadie Thompson

Culver City, CA: The Beckworth Corporation, 1953. Vintage photograph of script supervisor Frances McDowell, actor Aldo Ray, and director Curtis Bernhardt on the set of the 1953 film. Mimeo snipe and studio stamps on the verso.

Sadie Thompson (Rita Hayworth) is stranded on a military outpost in American Samoa where the Marines take an interest in her, particularly the self righteous and proselytizing Mr. Davidson (Jose Ferrer) who tries to save Miss Thompson's soul after learning she worked as a bar girl in Hawaii. The film was shot as a 3-D production, though by the time of the film's release the frenzy around 3D films had died down and after a two week run the technology was dropped and the film was screened "flat." The story had to be reworked to meet Hays Code standards in its handling of scandalous themes, this reworking gave way to the films musical numbers, brought in to revive the now tamed down story. The film's "Sadie Thompson's Song (Blue Pacific Blues)" was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Shot on location in Kaua'i, Hawaii.

8 x 10 inches. Near Fine.

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