Archive of 27 oversize photographs of Indy race cars at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, circa 1957

J.O. Wilson (photographer)

N.p. N.p., Circa 1957. Archive of 27 oversize, double weight photographs of Indy race cars, taken at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, circa 1957. Two photographs with the stamp of photographer J.O. Wilson on the verso.

Each of the photographs is of a single car riding at high speed, taken at the same angle, making for great stylistic consistency within the set.

14 x 11 inches. Very slight curl to the edges, two photographs with glue stains on the verso from having been mounted. Some photographs are matte-finished (those being faded to a sepia tone), others are glossy (not faded), but all are oversize and clearly from the same archive.

[Book #144922]