David Cronenberg (director, screenwriter)
Jennifer O'Neill, Stephen Lack, Patrick McGoohan, Michael Ironsides (starring)

Los Angeles: Embassy Pictures, 1981. Vintage photograph showing director David Cronenberg and crew shooting a scene from actress Jennifer O'Neil's point-of-view on the set of the 1981 film. With a mimeo snipe on the verso.

A shadowy security company seeks to use "scanners," people with various psychic abilities, as weapons, but are opposed by an underground movement vying for world domination. A cult classic, and a breakthrough for Cronenberg, released a year before "Videodrome" would put him firmly on the horror auteur map.

10 x 8 inches, with wide horizontal margins. Margins lightly toned, else Near Fine.

Canuxploitation Complete. Criterion Collection 712.

[Book #144942]