Arrivee a l'Exposition en bateau

Auguste and Louis Lumiere (filmmakers)
Alexandre Promio (director)

N.p. N.p., 1897. Vintage borderless photograph from the 1897 short film, with the number 542 in manuscript pencil on the verso, with a still image from the film corresponding to that number on the website Catalogue Lumiere showing a similar scene.

While the importance of the Lumiere Brothers to the invention and popularity of the moving image is well known, director Alexandre Promio, who filmed over 300 shorts for the Lumieres, deserves equal consideration. Of particular note are the series of films he shot while presenting the new technology at the 1897 General Art and Industrial Exposition in Stockholm, Sweden, of which "Arrivee a l'Exposition en bateau" is one. The films represent the first ever shot in the country, and Promio would go on to train pioneering Swedish director Ernest Florman in the art of filmmaking. Other trips with the Lumieres included ones to Russia, England, Germany, Hungary, the United States, and Italy, where Promio shot "Panorama du Grand Canal pris d'un bateau," thought to be the first film shot with a moving camera.

9.25 x 7 inches. Near Fine.

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