Archive of 63 photographs of the crash of United Airlines Flight 173

[United Airlines Flight 173]

Portland, OR: N.p., 1978. Archive of 63 vernacular color photographs of the scene of the crash of commercial United Airlines Flight 173 that occurred on December 28, 1978 in suburban Portland, Oregon.

Five photographs are shown. To see a watermarked set of the entire collection, please inquire.

Likely shot by an investigator or airline employee, the photographs in this archive depict a comprehensive survey of the scene of the crash, including images of the plane's fuselage, the severed wings, and the surrounding area. The flight, from JFK in New York en route to Portland, experienced a malfunction in the deployment of its landing gear, and the plane circled the airport seeking a solution until it ran out of fuel and crashed, killing ten passengers and injuring another 24.

Considered a landmark moment in the history of safety regulations in American commercial aviation, including spurring the creation of the Crew Resource Management training course, which sought to mitigate the effects of human error in plane malfunctions. An uncommon and stark look at the devastation of a plane crash.

All photos approximately 5 x 4 inches, Fine condition.

[Book #145757]