Private Vices, Public Pleasures

N.p. Filmes Cinematografica, 1976. Collection of 3 vintage borderless photographs from the 1976 film. Grazia Neri stamps on the verso.

Jancso's "Private Vices, Public Pleasures" is loosely based on the death of Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria, believed having killed himself after shooting his lover in a suicide pact in 1882. Jancso's film presents Rudolf (Lajos Balazsovits) as a pan-sexual, bored by his wife, cavorting with beautiful aristocratic lovers of both sexes on his sprawling rural estate. Ordered by his father, Emperor Franz Josef to leave the estate, Rudolf refuses and organizes a celebration which becomes a tragic orgy.

Nominated for the 1976 Palme d'Or.

Shot on location in Croatia.

9.5 x 7 inches. Near Fine, some light creasing.

[Book #146019]

Price: $650.00