Convicts 4 [Reprive]

N.p. Kaufman-Lubin Productions, 1962. Collection of 104 vintage studio still photographs from the 1962 film including some great in-character photographs and head shots from Ben Gazzara, Sammy Davis Jr., Broderick Crawford, Vincent Price, Roland LaStarza, Timothy Carey, Ray Walston and others, also includes 5 photographs of Gazzara with author John Resko and one head shot of Resko. Mimeo snipes on the verso of the majority of photographs.

"Convicts 4," here under the working title, and title of Resko's 1956 autobiography upon which the film was loosely based, Reprive. Dalton Trumbo wrote and directed with Millard Kaufman as his "front" (as Trumbo was still blacklisted at the time) which Kaufman had done before for Trumbo, most notably for the 1950 Film Noir classic Gun Crazy.

John Resko (Gazzara) is convicted of killing a store owner and sentenced to life in prison. While in prison, he ignites a passion for art, an activity that leads to a transformation in his character. Featuring a great supporting cast which includes, among others, Sammy Davis Jr., Rod Steiger, Vincent Price, Ray Walson, Jack Albertson, Timothy Carey, pop singer Dodie Stevens and boxer Roland La Starza.

Shot on location in Folsom Prison in California.

8 x 10 inches. Near Fine, some light edge wear and light curling, 2 with creasing.

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