Archive of materials relating to film production group The Society, circa 1979

N.p. N.p., Circa 1979. Archive of materials for "The Society," an short-lived film production organization looking to produce "films which are agreeable and acceptable to all audiences [...] the classic western, the detective story, the family comedy, the simple uncomplicated love story, the science fiction thriller and always the Halloween Eve horror thriller." To our knowledge the organization never produced a completed film, thus remaining entirely conceptual.

Archive includes five copies of an introductory pamphlet discussing the group's goals and prospective production costs, values, and procedures, as well as two treatment scripts for two unproduced films, "The Seven Inch Wilderness" and "The Irish Game."

"The Seven Inch Wilderness" is based on Danish-American novelist Ib Melchior's 1980 science fiction novel "The Marcus Device," about a test pilot who suffers amnesia when his experimental plane crashes. "The Irish Game" was based on a novel by J.R. Lowell about a young Irishman who starts a vendetta against the IRA as a means of irritating his girlfriend's patriotic mother.

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