Archive of photographs belonging to a nursing student, circa 1937

N.p. N.p., Circa 1937. Binder of vintage photographs compiled by Mary Norris, a nursing student at Evangelical Deaconess Hospital in Marshalltown, Iowa, circa 1937. The photographs provide a detailed visual account, with notations throughout, of her time at the Hospital as a student nurse in training.

Included are over 100 vernacular photographs, generally featuring classmates, professors, doctors, and her fiance, Donald Malcolm, and their friends in posed shots, several detailed autograph letters signed from Malcolm, and over a dozen typed or handwritten poems, presumably by Norris, predominantly on the themes of nursing and religion. Also included are invitations to social events, mementos, clipped newspaper articles, and pamphlets or other ephemera regarding her classwork. Taken together these form a detailed and highly specific account of the life of a nursing student just prior to World Word II.

The Evangelical Deaconess Hospital, along with the attached nursing school, opened in 1914. It was just the second hospital in the Marshalltown area, and through several mergers and name changes, continues to operate to this day, although the nursing school graduated its last class in 1986.

About Very Good, bound with a string binding. Most interior pages loose, with photographs and other material no longer attached in several places.

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