House of Dracula

Erle C. Kenton (director)
Edward T. Lowe (screenwriter)
Lon Chaney, Jr., John Carradine, Martha O'Driscoll, Glenn Strange (starring)

Universal City: Universal Pictures, 1945. Vintage photograph of Onslow Stevens lighting Lon Chaney, Jr.'s way up a macabre stone stairway from the 1945 film.

The last entry in Universal's famed "monsters" canon, a direct sequel to 1944's "House of Frankenstein," which appropriately hosted Universal's "big three" monsters, all in Dracula's house, including the Prince of Darkness himself (John Carradine), the Wolf Man (Chaney, Jr.), and Frankenstein (Glenn Strange), along with the requisite mad scientist (Onslow Stevens) and hunchbacked assistant (Jane Adams).

8 x 10 inches. Near Fine.

Weaver and Brunas, Universal Horrors.

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