I Promised to Pay [Payroll]

Sidney Hayers (director)
Derek Bickerton (novel)
George Baxt (screenwriter)
Michael Craig, Francoise Prevost, Billie Whitelaw (starring)

Glendale, CA: Allied Artists, 1961. Collection of nine vintage studio still photographs from the 1961 British film noir, seen here under the title for its US release, "Payroll."

Based on Derek Bickerton's 1959 novel, wherein a gang of crooks' plan to rob a local factory is complicated by the accidental murder of the getaway driver, leading the driver's wife to seek revenge.

Set and partially shot on location in Gateshead, Whitley Bay, Rugby, Southwold, and Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

8 x 10 inches. Near Fine.

Grant UK. Selby UK. Spicer UK.

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