Journey to Italy [Viaggio in Italia]

Roberto Rossellini (director, screenwriter)
Ingrid Bergman, George Sanders, Maria Mauban, Anna Proclemer (starring)
Colette (novel)
Vitaliano Brancati (screenwriter)

New York: International News Photos, 1953. Vintage photograph of Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini on the set of the 1954 film. Mimeo snipe, dated May 17, 1953, "International News Photos" and "Return to: Chronicle Files" stamps on verso.

The International News Photos snipe addresses the movie as "New Wine." While we could not verify that working title, Rossellini and co-screenwriter Vitaliano Brancati had drawn on a script by Antonio Pietrangeli entitled "New Vine" for "Journey to Italy," and was likely an error by the news agency.

Loosely based on the 1934 novel "Duo" by Colette.

An English couple, Alex (George Sanders) and Katherine Joyce (Bergman), eight years married, travel to Italy to sell a villa inherited from Alex's uncle. Along the drive and during their stay at the villa they come to the realization they really don't know one another and have little desire to spend time together.

Set in and shot on location in Naples and Rome, Italy.

7 x 9 inches. Near Fine.

Godard, Histoire(s) du Cinema. BFI 540. Scorcese, My Voyage to Italy.

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