Universal City: Universal Pictures, 1929. Vintage linen-backed keybook photograph of the famous nightclub set of the 1929 film. The photograph highlights not only the spectacular production design, but the camera crane developed by director Paul Fejos, which enabled the cumbersome cameras at the time to fluidly move at nearly every conceivable angle, and at the speed of 600 feet per minute.

"DUPL NYPL" stamp and mimeo snipe on the verso, original mimeograph snipe visible through linen backing.

Based on the 1926 musical by Philip Dunning and George Abbott. Lovers Ray Lane (Glenn Tryon) and Billie Moore (Merna Kennedy) are performers rehearsing at the Paradise Nightclub when they are inadvertently drawn into backstage bootlegging and murder. Universal's first talking picture with Technicolor sequences. The Criterion Collection reconstructed the incomplete surviving talking version in 2012 and was included in their release of Paul Fejos' 1928 film "Lonesome."

7.5 x 10 inches. Left side has punch hole extension cut off, else Near Fine.

Criterion Collection 623.

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