Empire of the Ants [Empire of Ants]

N.p. N.p., 1976. Revised Draft script for the 1977 film, here with the slightly different working title "Empire of Ants." Loosely based on the 1905 short story by H.G. Wells.

American International Pictures (AIP) third and final film in their H.G. Wells trilogy, beginning with "The Food of the Gods" (1976), directed and written by Bert I. Gordon and starring Marjoe Gortner and Pamela Franklin, and followed by "The Island of Dr. Moreau" (1977), directed by Don Taylor and starring Burt Lancaster and Michael York.

Another classic "giant" movie from Bert I. Gordon following "King Dinosaur" (1955), "The Amazing Colossal Man" (1957), "Earth vs. the Spider" (1958), "Village of the Giants" (1956), and "Food of the Gods" (1976), this time featuring giant ants, mutated by radioactive waste, which attack a shady land developer and her prospective clients and threaten to take over a whole island town.

Set in the Florida everglades and shot on location in Fort Pierce, Belle Glade, and Jensen Beach, Florida.

Brown titled wrappers. Title page present, dated October 8, 1976, noted as REVISED DRAFT, with credits for screenwriter Jack Turley and story by Bert I. Gordon. 105 leaves, with last page of text numbered 104. Mimeograph duplication, rectos only. Pages Near Fine, wrapper Near Fine, bound with two gold brads.

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