The Executioner's Song

Lawrence Schiller (director)
Norman Mailer (screenwriter, novel)
Tommy Lee Jones, Christine Lahti, Rosanna Arquette, Eli Wallach (starring)

Los Angeles: Lawrence Schiller Productions, 1982. Original borderless photograph of director Lawrence Schiller consulting with novelist Norman Mailer regarding the script for the 1982 film. With a printed mimeo snipe affixed to the verso.

Based on the 1979 Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Mailer, who adapted his own book for the screen, about the final years in the life of convicted murderer Gary Gilmore, following his release from prison in Illinois and through to his re-incarceration in a Provo, Utah prison and eventual execution for having committed multiple murders in Utah. Nominated for five Emmy Awards, winning two, including Outstanding Lead Actor for Tommy Lee Jones.

A turning point in television movies, wherein Jones and Arquette play wholly unsympathetic characters without reservation. One of the finest films of the 1980s, on television or the silver screen.

Set in Utah and Oregon, shot on location in Utah.

10 x 8 inches. Near Fine.

Reyes, 155.

[Book #149505]