Nude Restaurant

Andy Warhol (director, screenwriter)
Viva, Taylor Mead, Ingrid Superstar, Andrew Duggan appearing as Julian Burroughs (starring)

New York: Andy Warhol Film, 1967. Vintage poster for the 1967 film. Two versions of the film were shot - one with an all nude, all male cast that was never released publicly, and one with both male and female actors wearing G-strings, which was originally screened at the Hudson Theater in New York.

A stylistic breakthrough, in that the film entirely jettisons any pretense to plot, dramatic action, or sex found in Andy Warhol's previous sexploitation experiments, instead featuring extended monologues by superstar Viva, and conversations with others that touch on a variety of controversial topics. One of Warhol's most overtly political films, also starring draft resister Andrew Duggan, and the first pairing of Viva with Taylor Mead, who would appear together in several more Warhol films.

19 x 25 inches, rolled, on archival linen, with a small amount of professional restoration and repair. Near Fine, with minor soil.

Murphy, The Black Hole of the Camera. Warholstars.

[Book #149869]