I, a Man

Andy Warhol (director)
Paul Morrissey (director) Tom Baker, Nico, Valerie Solanas, Ingrid Superstar, Ultra Violet, Bettina Coffin (starring)

New York: Andy Warhol Film, 1968. Vintage poster for the 1967 film. The film originally screened at the Hudson Theater in New York in a 99-minute version. In early 1968, a 110-minute cut played at the Cinematheque 16 in Los Angeles. This poster, which mentions the Los Angeles screenings and contains a blurb from the L.A. Free Press, corresponds to the latter version.

A final 95-minute cut was completed later in 1968, and is the version available today.
Andy Warhol’s first attempt to make a “commercial” sexploitation film, eight unconnected scenes in which actor Tom Baker attempts to convince various women to have sex with him. Originally intended to star The Doors’ Jim Morrison and unsimulated sex, the finished film contains neither.

19 x 25 inches, rolled, on archival linen, with minor professional repair and restoration. Near Fine.

Murphy, The Black Hole of the Camera. Warholstars.

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