The Getaway

Sam Peckinpah (director)
Jim Thompson (novel)
Walter Hill (screenwriter)
Steve McQueen, Ali McGraw, Ben Johnson, Sally Struthers (starring)

New York: National General Pictures, 1972. Vintage reference photograph from the set of the 1972 film showing director Sam Peckinpah with actors Steve McQueen and Ali McGraw. With a mimeo snipe on the verso.

Peckinpah at the peak of his powers, a ballet of violence, and to date easily the finest adaptation of a Jim Thompson novel ever produced. Other grand alliances made this one of the great crime films of New Hollywood Cinema, including a supremely confident Steve McQueen as an anti-hero, and a young Walter Hill—who first encountered McQueen on the set of "Bullitt" 4 years prior—handling the screenplay.

Approximately 10 x 8 inches. Near Fine.

Lee, The Heist Film. Spicer Neo-Noir US. Silver and Ward Neo-Noir US. Grant US.

[Book #150387]