Hobson's Choice

David Lean (director, screenwriter)
Harold Brighouse (play)
Ray Hearne (photographer)
Norman Spencer, Wynyard Browne (screenwriters)
Charles Laughton, John Mills, Brenda de Banzie (starring)

N.p. N.p., Circa 1954. Vintage narrow margin double weight reference photograph of David Lean on the set of the 1954 film.

Based on the 1916 play by Harold Brighouse. Previously made as a silent film in 1920, directed by Percy Nash and starring Arthur Pitt and Joan Ritz, and in 1931, directed by Thomas Bentley and starring James Harcourt and Joan Maude.

Victorian bootmaker, stingy widow, and a man of great thirst, Henry Hobson (an exceptionally brilliant Charles Laughton) insists there will be no marriages of his three daughters (to avoid the costly settlements), but the independent-minded eldest (Brenda de Banzie) has her sights set on Hobson's prize bootmaker Will Mossop (John Mills).

Set in and shot on location in Manchester, England.

9.75 x 8 inches. Near Fine, with black paper affixed to verso.

Criterion Collection 461.

[Book #150786]