Dog Day Afternoon

Sidney Lumet (director)
Patrick Mann (novel)
Frank Pierson (screenwriter)
John Cazale, Penelope Allen, Al Pacino (starring)

Burbank, CA: Warner Brothers, 1975. Vintage studio still photograph from the 1975 film, mounted as issued by the distributor on a presentation card, showing actor Charles Durning shouting into a megaphone.

Based on the 1974 novel by Patrick Mann, which was in turn based on a true story published in Life magazine. Director Sidney Lumet's masterpiece, a snapshot of New York invoking LGBTQ politics, city politics, police politics, personal politics, and the mood of a city in the heat of the early 1970s—all without being overtly political. The film follows an inexperienced robber and his friend over the course of a doomed bank heist, executed in order for the robber's girlfriend, a preoperative transgender woman, to afford gender confirmation surgery.

Photograph 10 x 8 inches, Near Fine. Presentation card 14 x 11 inches, Very Good plus, with pinholes to the corners.

National Film Registry. Grant US. Hardy, BFI Crime Companion. Spicer US.

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