The Devil's Rain

Robert Fuest (director)
Gabe Essoe, James Ashton, Gerald Hopman (screenwriters)
Ernest Borgnine, Eddie Albert, William Shatner, Ida Lupino, Tom Skerritt, John Travolta (starring)

N.p. Bryanston Pictures, Circa 1975. Early Draft script for the 1975 film. Annotations in manuscript ink on front endpaper of "Delivery July," then a listing of primary actors, director, and "S. Effects / Planet Apes - Space Odyssey Effects."

A 1970s cult classic B-Horror film featuring a spectacular cast, including Ernest Borgnine, Eddie Albert, William Shatner, Ida Lupino, Tom Skerrit, Keenan Wynn, and the film debut of John Travolta. Also featuring a cameo by Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan (who is credited as technical advisor), as well as his partner and co-founder of the Church of Satan, Diane Hegarty.

Director Robert Fuest is best known for the bizarre, color-tastic horror spectacle, "The Abominable Doctor Phibes" (1971) and its sequel, "Dr. Phibes Rises Again" (1972).

For generations the Preston family has been cursed for betraying the Satanic priest Jonathan Corbis, and hiding the book that holds his followers souls. Now the half man, half goat priest has returned with his followers to get it back. Featuring an unforgettable extended climax of unholy face-melting.

Shot on location in Durango, Mexico.

Red titled wrapper. Title page present, with credits for screenwriters Gabe Essoe and James Ashton. 113 leaves, with last page of text numbered 110. Mimeograph duplication, rectos only. Pages Near Fine, wrapper Near Fine, bound internally with three gold brads.

Thrower, Nightmare USA.

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