Our Daily Bread

Los Angeles: United Artists, 1934. Vintage press photograph of the film's premiere at the Chicago World Fair, at the "Century of Progress" exhibition, on July 30, 1934. The premiere was reported as being attended by 15,000 people, including international celebrities, civic and industrial leaders, newspapermen, and five governors. In early October, 1934 the film had a special White House screening, attended by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

In the midst of the Depression, a young couple flee the city to a farm, where they and others establish a collective. Produced independently by director King Vidor after he failed to secure studio backing, and one of the most significant films of the era.

10 x 8 inches. Near Fine.

National Film Registry. Godard, Histoire(s) du Cinema. Rosenbaum 1000.

[Book #151124]