Phillip Noyce (director)
Ira Levin (novel)
Suzanne Tenner (photographer)
Joe Eszterhas (screenwriter)
Sharon Stone, William Baldwin, Tom Berenger (starring)

Los Angeles: Paramount Pictures, 1993. Vintage reference photograph of Sharon Stone and director Phillip Noyce on the set of the 1993 film.

Based on the 1991 novel by Ira Levin, and adapted by notorious screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, then the highest paid screenwriter in Hollywood, noted for his provocative screenplays, such as "Flashdance" (1983), "Jagged Edge" (1985), "Basic Instinct" (1992), and "Showgirls" (1995).

Successful book editor, Carly Norris (Stone), moves into the elegant, hi-tech "Sliver" apartment building, unaware of it's history of unsolved grisly murders.

Set in New York City, shot on location in New York and Los Angeles.

10 x 8 inches. Near Fine.

Grant US.

[Book #151168]