Danger: Diabolik

Mario Bava (director, screenwriter)
Angela Giussani, Luciana Giussani (comic)
Alfonso Avincola (photographer)
Dino Maiuri, Brian Degas, Tudor Gates (screenwriter)
John Phillip Law, Marisa Mell, Michel Piccoli (starring)

N.p. Dino De Laurentiis Cinematografica, Circa 1968. Vintage borderless reference photograph of Mario Bava, John Phillip Law, and Marisa Mell on the set of the 1968 film. "A.L.A. Fotocine" stamp on verso.

Based on the popular Italian comic strip "Diabolik," created in 1962 by Italian sisters Angela and Luciana Giussani. Remade as the internationally produced animated television series "Diabolik," a huge hit in Europe, which aired in 1997 and 1998.

Set in Europe in the swinging 1960s, the acrobatic, leather-clad masked thief and killer, Diabolik (Law), and his leggy, wig-wearing girlfriend, Eva Kant (Mell), swindle and murder millionaires and billionaires for their own financial gain and amusement.

10.5 x 8 inches. Near Fine.

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