A Generation

London: Contemporary Films, 1955. Vintage studio still photograph from the UK release of the 1955 Polish film, showing actors Tadeusz Lomnicki, Urszula Modrzynska, Tadeusz Janczar, Ryszard Kotys, and Roman Polanski.

From the archive of film historian and author Joel Finler.

Based on screenwriter Bohdan Czeszko's 1951 novel "Pokolenie." Andrzej Wajda's first film as director, and the first entry in what would become known as his Three War Films trilogy, set during World War II, followed by "Kanal" (1956) and "Ashes and Diamonds" (1958).

Set and shot on location in Warsaw.

10 x 8 inches. Very Good plus overall.

Criterion Collection 283.

[Book #152124]