Dress-Up-Day Pictures

St. Croix Falls, WI: N.p., 1940. Vintage string bound photograph album, containing 31 black-and-white snapshot photographs, including four hand-tinted in blue and yellow, documenting a school costume day. Holograph ink annotation to the inside front cover provides the date and album title: "Dress-Up-Day Pictures / April 5, 1940".

Many photographs with holograph ink annotation captions to the bottom edges, identifying the subjects.

The outfits run the gamut: while some teens opted for simple cross-dressing costumes, many were more creative, dressing as cowboys, hula girls, hoboes, married couples, and the like. Notably unusual costumes include an ice box, Life Magazine, a beer barrel, a telephone directory, several rolls of Tums, and a record player (with a paper sign noting the record title as Rhapsody in Blue). A humorous assortment.

Photographs generally 2.5 x 3.5 inches. Mounted on black cardboard album leaves, rectos and versos. Near Fine.

[Book #154291]