Burbank, CA: Warner Brothers / Seven Arts, Circa 1968. Vintage concept artwork for the 1968 film. A striking two-color op-art design by uncredited artist Norbert Jobst, who had previously worked in title design for the 1967 film "Games." The dimensions of the artwork suggests it was designed for a pressbook or film program. Mounted and laminated, and stamped with a "PermaPlaque, Hollywood" logo on the verso.

Based on the 1963 novel, "Mute Witness" by Robert Pike, easily one of Steve McQueen's most minimal performances, and one of the best examples of location shooting ever made. A key crime film, complex and unsentimental, that set the bar for those that would follow.

Shot on location in San Francisco.

Artwork, 18.5 x 12 inches mounted and laminated onto a 21 x 14.5 inch wooden plaque. Lightly rubbed else Near Fine, with a tiny chip on the bottom edge.

National Film Registry. Grant US. Penzler 101.

[Book #154367]