Der Titan von Tanger

Paul Bowles (subject)
Sebastian Hirt (director)

N.p. ARTE, 1994. Vintage borderless vernacular color photograph from the 1994 television documentary, showing writer and composer Paul Bowles sitting on a chair on an airplane tarmac, having evidently refused to board a plane. Printed mimeo label affixed to the verso, dated 7.3.1994.

Born in New York, Bowles began traveling between Paris, Berlin, Morocco, and New York at a young age, befriending a number of prominent artists and writers in the process, including Christopher Isherwood, Tristan Tzara, and Gertrude Stein, who encouraged Bowles to write his first musical compositions. Using the advance on a contract from Doubleday, Bowles moved to Tangier in 1947, where he would write his first novel, "The Sheltering Sky," largely based on his experiences in the Algerian desert. He would remain in Tangier for the remainder of his life, publishing three more novels, a substantial amount of short fiction, and numerous musical compositions, as well as working as a translator of works in Moroccan Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

7 x 5 inches. Near Fine.

[Book #154968]