Supersonic Supergirls [International Stewardesses]

Allan Silliphant (director, screenwriter)
Mary Pat Bonney, Phyllis Denicke, Gonncha Ondemir, Peggy Church, Carona Faoro (starring)

N.p. N.p., 1972. Vintage photograph of the illustration of five stewardesses for the 1972 3-D sexploitation film, which was used in the film's marketing campaign.

Sequel to the 1969 hit 3-D softcore comedy "The Stewardesses, "the most profitable 3-D film ever released, written and directed by Allan Silliphant (credited as Alf Sillman Jr.). Hoping to follow on the success of its predecessor, this sequel has now been largely forgotten, largely because of cost-cutting measures of distributor company Sherpix in post-production, according to producer and 3-D pioneer Chris Condon.

Twelve beautiful stewardesses are chosen for a three week trip around the world aboard Global Airlines Condor SST supersonic airplane.

Set in and shot on location in Hong Kong, Lisbon, Athens, and Rome.

10 x 8 inches. Near Fine.

Nilsen, Warped and Faded.

[Book #155216]