Road to the Stars

Pavel Klushantsev (director)
Boris Liapunov, Vasily Solovyov (screenwriters)
Giorgy Solovyov (starring)

N.p. N.p., Circa 1957. Vintage borderless double weight reference photograph from the 1957 Soviet film, showing a row of large rockets lined up outdoors. Several provenance stamps on the verso, along with manuscript ink annotations in Spanish, noting the film's title in Spanish.

A documentary film that also veers into speculative science fiction, focusing on the scientific principles behind rocket propulsion and the lives of scientists Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Mac Valier, and Robert Goddard, with additional scenes near the end of the movie depicting crewed space flight, space stations of the future, and lunar colonization.

10 x 8 inches. Very Good plus, with adhesive residue on the verso, and light edgewear.

[Book #157333]