Original photograph of Rob Wagner and Cecil B. DeMille, circa 1930s

Cecil B. DeMille, Rob Wagner (subjects)

N.p. N.p., Circa 1930s. Vintage double-weight matte-finish photograph of editor and publisher Rob Wagner with director Cecil B. DeMille, circa 1930s. Annotations in manuscript ink and pencil on the verso, identifying DeMille and Wagner, as well as a humorous note by Wagner's wife Florence, noting that DeMille "was to me the most unattractive and uninteresting show-off in Hollywood—then or now."

Although he enjoyed a lengthy career as a director, screenwriter, and magazine writer, Rob L. Wagner is best remembered today as the editor and publisher of "Script," a left-leaning, weekly literary film magazine published in Beverly Hills between 1929 and 1949. A lifelong Socialist and advocate for progressive causes, Wagner used "Script" to give a voice to blacklisted screenwriters (including Dalton Trumbo and Gordon Kahn) and prominent leftists, including Upton Sinclair, Max Eastman, and William C. deMille. Wagner also worked as the part-time secretary of Charlie Chaplin starting in 1915, and with Chaplin and others founded the Motion Picture Relief Fund (which later became the Motion Picture and Television Fund) in 1929, providing financial aid to film industry workers.

8 x 10 inches. Very Good, lightly and evenly toned, slightly wavy at the top and bottom edges.

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