Hollywood Babylon

The Stooges, The Cockettes, The GTOs, John Mendelsohn-Super Star (performers)

N.p. N.p., 1971. Vintage two-color poster for an unseen performance by punk icons the Stooges, queer hippie theatre troupe the Cockettes, all-girl rock group The GTOs, and John Mendelsohn's short-lived rock band Super Star, held on at the Hollywood Palladium on July 16, 1971. The show would ultimately be canceled after The Stooges formally broke up on July 9, 1971.

A preview of The Cockettes' satirical 1971 film "Tricia's Wedding" was also to have been shown. The film featured The Cockettes reenacting President Nixon's daughter Tricia’s wedding to Edward Cox, interspersed with a number of humorous scenes, including Eartha Kitt spiking the punch bowl with LSD.

Even before it was canceled, it's hard to imagine how this concert would have come together, given the clashing styles of the acts. Founded in 1969 in San Francisco, the Cockettes were a performance art group that performed improvised musical numbers in elaborate genderbending costumes, and had become a sensation among the West Coast arts and culture scene. The GTOs were a satirical rock band formed in Los Angeles, with ties to Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa, who would produce the band’s only album, Permanent Damage (1969). And the Stooges were simply the Stooges.

11.25 x 26 inches. About Near Fine.

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