Introduction to Cherotic Magic

N.p. N.p., 1989. Vintage flyer, advertising "6 two-hour personal sessions," with performance artist and author Frank Moore, 1989.

An appropriately psychedelic flyer advertising personal sessions "guided by the nationally known shamanistic teacher, author and performer Frank Moore," "for warriors who want to go into the taboo areas, to push beyond where it is comfortable and safe, to explore and build a large zone of safeness. Open to people who want growth and change both for themselves and society."

Moore was a groundbreaking performance artist, shaman, poet, essayist, painter, musician, and author. Born with cerebral palsy, Moore was unable to walk or talk and communicated using a laser pointer and a board of letters, numbers, and common words, with which he wrote books, directed plays, directed and acted in films, and gave poetry readings. Known for his long ritualistic performances which utilized nudity, eroticism, and audience participation, Moore was heavily targeted by the religious right and Jessie Helms in the early 1990s for his "obscene" art. Widely published in magazines and books, some of Moore's more notable publications include the underground magazine "The Cherotic [R]Evolutionary" (1991-1999), and the books "Cherotic Magic" (1990), "Art of a Shaman" (1991), and "Chapped Lap" (2000), among others.

8.5 x 11 inches on pink paper. Several small pinholes, else Near Fine.

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