Two original photographs of Georges Méliès

Georges Méliès (subject)

N.p. N.p., Circa 1950s. Two vintage photographs of French director, actor, and illusionist Georges Méliès, struck circa 1950s. Included is one portrait photograph of Méliès circa 1920s, and the other photograph shows Méliès and others at his studio in Montreuil-sous-Bois, circa 1910s. From the collection of René Dazy, with his stamp on the versos.

Méliès created France's first film studio on a property in Montreuil-sous-Bois in 1896. A hybrid photography studio and stage, the studio was constructed entirely of glass and iron in order to maximize natural light. Although initially successful, World War I and the substantial competition from larger American studios led to Méliès facing bankruptcy by 1913, and he was ultimately forced to abandon filmmaking in order to survive. The studio was co-opted by the French army for use as a hospital, and much of Méliès' original celluloid confiscated and melted down to make heels for the soldiers' shoes.

Portrait photograph 5 x 7 inches, studio photograph 9.5 x 7 inches. About Near Fine.

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