Save the Tiger

N.p. N.p., Circa 1972. Original printed manuscript of the first five chapters of the 1972 book, housed in the its original gray envelope with the annotations "'Save the Tiger' / Original Novel MS. / (First 79 PP.)."

Steve Shagan's Academy Award nominated debut feature screenplay, "Save the Tiger," was originally written in 1970, three years before the film's 1973 release. By 1972, in part to "preserve my sanity," according to Shagan, and prodded by actor Jack Lemmon, Shagan novelized his script in the hopes of increasing the studio's interest in the property and to garner financing, and was published by Dial Press in late November, 1972. By the time of the novel's publication however, filming had been completed and was set for a February 1973 release date. The screenplay would be the first of two Academy Award nominated screenplays by Shagan (followed by the 1976 film "Voyage of the Damned," directed by Stuart Rosenberg) and earned Lemmon his only Academy Award for Best Actor.

A garment industry executive is faced with tough moral decisions amidst a failing business and a mid-life crisis.

8.5 x 11 inches, 81 pages, Xerographic duplication. Light toning overall and light edgewear, else Near Fine.

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